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500mg Test Results

Bliss CBD

Hemp Extract Quality Testing

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Why do we do testing?

Its important for us to periodically test our hemp extract and publish the results to show our customers that everything that we say about our process is true. Our hemp extract yields the highest amount of cannabinoids and also contains all the beneficial terpenes that come from a full spectrum extract.

90% of the Hemp Extract Is CBD! Absolutely Amazing!

Do all companies test their oil?

Some do and some don't. At Bliss CBD we understand the importance of being honest with our customers. We are proud of what the results show and we take it one extra step further by testing for solvents, chemicals, and residue. 

Whole Hemp Plant Full Spectrum extract gives you all the benefits the plant has to offer and we see it as a holistic approach. You can see all the additional Terpenes in the extract

Absolutely no chemicals or solvents are ever used in our extraction process and that is why our Hemp yields the highest concentration of CBD.

1000mg Test Results

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